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Supporting Gretchen Holtsinger for WISD

I have known Gretchen since 2009 when we became neighbors and, since then, close friends. Not only is she passionate about education, but she also is a person of integrity and empathy. She is a woman of strong faith who doesn’t impose her religious beliefs on others. A permanent resident of Wimberley, she’s both a mom of adult children and a grandmother.

Trying to focus on kindness

Like many, I find the divisiveness, the rancor, and even boorishness that seems to increasingly permeate society both locally and beyond to be most unsettling. I am especially disturbed by a tendency in me to want to retaliate, to fight fire with fire. Then I remember these wise words (attributed to many). “Choose your enemies carefully because you will become like them.” So I am looking for positive ways to respond when I see/hear ugliness.

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The City of Woodcreek Just Raised Your Taxes

The Woodcreek City Council just voted 4 -1 to RAISE your taxes. In fact, the City’s’ Agenda packet specifically referred to a “Public Hearing on TAX INCREASE.” I advocated for a LOWER tax rate that would have been revenue neutral – which would NOT take anymore money out of your pocket. I was out-voted and the City was successful in raising your taxes as stated in the agenda.


Are you may be aware on September 16, 2020 the City is considering a budget proposal from the road committee to close the front entrance to Cypress Point and open the rear gate for entrance of traffic onto Doolittle Drive thus creating a new road.


Gretchen has been my colleague and friend for nearly 30 years, and I can tell you that she is a fine person, a concerned educator, and a dedicated advocate for students and parents.

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In July 2019 I wrote an opinion published by the View about the work of the Roads Advisory Work Group which, at the time, involved assessing the condition of all streets within our City. We were about 75% done with the on-site inspection and our next step was to consolidate the data and come up with recommendations on which streets to repair or replace first. The findings of the work group, which were supported by a professional engineer, were reviewed as part of the budget development process. It was clear that funds were not available to proceed with the repairing Augusta Drive, which was the street given highest priority for repairs. The work group looked at options available within our budget, and these were presented to Council at the December 11, 2019 meeting. This meeting also included an agenda item to purchase two trailer-mounted speed radar signs to collect detailed data on traffic volume and speed. This was necessary to have actual data, rather than perception, on speed and traffic patterns. The first sign was installed for testing on January 19, 2020, and rotation of the signs throughout the City began on January 31, 2020. Signs were located on collector streets and focused on areas identified by citizens and staff as potential for speeding.

Thanking Ray Helm for time as Constable

I was shocked and saddened to read that Constable Ray Helm was resigning. I don’t know what he did to prompt an investigation by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, but I know about Helm’s reputation among Wimberley residents: If you want a quick response requiring law enforcement, call Ray Helm. I saw this opinion many times on the community forum platform, Nextdoor.

Community effort to feed those kids and families

I wanted to take a moment to share a bit more regarding one way Wimberley has stepped up to take care of our neighbors. In early May, a small group of organization leaders met to discuss where needs were in the community and what would be needed as the pandemic drags on. Several organization leaders agreed our focus would be in keeping families and especially our school age children, fed. Luckily the state agreed to allow Wimberley ISD to continue to serve our families through June 30th. Leadership from Amigos de Jesus, Barnabas Connection, Camp Good Sam-Wimberley, Crisis Bread Basket, The Fig Tree, First Baptist Wimberley, Ministerial Alliance and Wimberley ISD worked together to create the plan and work logistics to shift food service to First Baptist which had the facilities and the call to continue serving not only our kiddos and families, but EVERYONE who may have food insecurity in our community. This service began last week and offers delivery and the ability to pick up meals. We hope any and all will reach out and allow your community to provide meals. At WISD we have a saying which originated in 2015, the year of the flood; ALL OF US! This group immediately stepped up to ensure continued availability of meals. Much may be difficult during these unprecedented times, meals and food is something our community can assist with and show our love to this community. Although many may not be aware, so match has been happening omg behind the scenes to ensure our neighbors are cared for.

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Setting the record straight

In (last week’s) edition of The View, Ms. Pamela LeCompte writes she is appalled that Council Members Scheel, Pulley, and I made a “proposal” to have Mayor Gloria Whitehead resign. There has never been a proposal to request that Mayor Whitehead resign, at least not one in which I have participated. I was one of three Council Members who requested a Special Council Meeting to address the Mayor’s social media post as it relates to the City’s Social Media Policy, as well as to discuss the City’s Policy on Public Comments. During this meeting I read two statements on the items on the agenda. In my statement, I said: “I will not judge the content of the Mayor’s post as part of this discussion. I have provided a response when asked, and I believe it is well known I disagree with her post and its content. I have said this to the Mayor, and she has explained her reasoning. We still disagree.”


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