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Fall in Love with the Hill Country Community Band

Perhaps Valentine’s Day 2020 should be moved to February 22 because that is the date of the Hill Country Community Band’s next concert, appropriately themed, Love Is in the Air. Taking place at the Wimberley Community Center, this Saturday concert begins at 4:00 p.m. and will include many beloved pop songs and several classical compositions. Director, James Malik, said,”All the pieces that we’re playing are all tied into a love theme. We’re playing selections from the love story, Beauty and the Beast, and we’re doing a piece from a famous opera, Love for Three Oranges. One of the movements is ‘Marche’. It doesn’t sound like a love song but the broader piece fits the theme. It’s been a lot of fun putting this together.”

Big Band Kicks off Mardi Gras Wimberley-style

The international celebration of Mardi Gras or Carnival has deep historical roots. Dating from medieval Catholic celebrations of the Epiphany season, participants indulged in meat and drink before the 40 days of Lenten fasting that begins on Ash Wednesday. The day before that, Shrove Tuesday or “Fat Tuesday,” as the last day before Lent, saw the most intense enjoyment of food, drink, and conviviality. Some say that Mardi Gras’s roots may stretch back into pagan celebrations of Saturnalia and Lupercalia, Roman festivals that celebrated eating, drinking, and partying.


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