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Wimberley Valley Chamber of Commerce Ribbon Cutting

With over 12 years experience staffing and planning events, we want to take your special event to the next level. We quickly assess your needs and provide professional, hardworking individuals prepared to help you seamlessly complete the task at hand. Whether you’re a venue, bride, business owner, event coordinator, or just someone needing some additional assistance, we bring extensive experience and professionalism to every situation and customize our support to your individual needs. Call the owners, Andra Cole at 512-934-8733 or Sandra Guerrero at 512-773.2962 or visit their website at www. SUBMITTED PHOTO


Now that summer is officially here the days are getting shorter. We humans may not yet be aware of the shortening days, but the plants respond to the change in light. I grow orchids although I do not have a climatized greenhouse. The Phalaenopsis orchids found in grocery stores do best in an inside home environment near a bright window.

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Beverly Clark

The following is the second in a three part series covering the 2020 retirees of WISD, honoring them for their service to our community’s children as dedicated teachers, nurses and other staff members.

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Getting Wimberley to wear a mask

The world is going through a time that is totally unpredictable, news changing from day to day, event to event. Urging people to wear a mask can cause conflict, but with the huge jump in COVID-19, the present situation is getting more and more serious. Each day there are more cases in Hays County and the valley. Simple steps can be taken, like social distancing and wearing masks that cover the mouth and nose.

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Illusion Emerald Lace: A Landscape Dream Come True

In my garden world lime green or chartreuse rules! Last year when I bought my house, I fantasized about what I would do artistically with the long rock wall that stretched almost the whole width of the backyard. Someone referred to it as a retaining wall and I was incensed, this is ‘The Wall’ the focal point of my soon to be masterpiece. My plans included several plants of Illusion Emerald Lace Sweet Potato to gently drape over the rocks.

Wee flowers

As I was out weed eating the King Ranch Grass along the roadside of my yard I spotted some precious small dark pink wildflowers that I had not noticed when casually walking in my neighborhood. These low growing plants (3 to 7 inches tall) with dark pink flowers (and a yellow center) are called Lady Bird’s Centaury (Centaurium texense) in honor of Lady Bird Johnson. The flowers have 5 petals and are said to be found in dry open grass (exactly where I found them in my yard) from May to July. It is an annual native flower that reseeds itself.

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Flags around town

About twenty years ago as my neighbor at the time, Della Broderick, and I were driving down Wimberley’s main street, RR 12, she commented that a Texas town she had visited had lined their main street with the U.S. Flag on patriotic holidays. Wouldn’t it be nice if Wimberley did that, she said. Well, Keep Wimberley Beautiful pounced on her suggestion and bought some flags to put up. PEC gave us permission to use their light poles so we installed flag holders on about thirty of them. We placed the holders high enough so that someone walking beneath the flags could not just reach up and pull them off. This means that a ladder has to be climbed for each flag to be put up and then taken down.

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This year, Juneteenth takes on new meaning for black Texans

Setting the pace for Fort Worth’s Juneteenth caravan on Friday is 93-year-old Opal Lee. The activist and educator will lead her community on foot for two and a half miles — a distance that represents the number of additional years it took before enslaved people in Texas were informed of their freedom after the signing of the Emancipation Proclamation.

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Much more than a library volunteer

Google ‘Dell Hood’ and the latest on him are references to the Wimberley Village Library. He’s the Board of Trustees’ President. He’s been volunteering there, but is finally retiring from being in charge of cataloging materials at the library, which he’s done for 25 years. He is also playing a big part of the new library expansion project, and board president until the end of 2021.


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