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In support of Paul Polhemus and Larry Catt for WWSC Board of Directors

Wow is about as good as it gets. Robin and I were scheduled for our C-19 immunization shot/s with the first one being on Monday 2/1/21. We arrived and had a terrific experience, the entire facility was well staffed plenty of help and directions very quick processing and most of all everyone had a terrific attitude local support was a pleasant sight and welcomed CERT members were fully ready to assist and answer as well direct Gary Callon did scare me when he said MY appointment had be canceled but it was ok for Robin to proceed. I fell for initially, then the Callon humor surfaced and I was relieved.

In support of Scott Way and Brandon Metcalf for WWSC Board of Directors

Water has no color, red or blue. For the sake of our water, please join me in voting for important change in the leadership of Wimberley Water Supply Corporation. We are blessed to have WWSC as a member-owned, member-controlled supplier in the Wimberley Valley. WWSC, Aqua Texas, Wimberley Springs, and private wells all draw water from the Trinity Aquifer, the lifeblood of our community. The aquifer provides water not only to our faucets, but also to our springs: Jacob’s Well, which is the main source for Cypress Creek, and Pleasant Valley Springs, which is a main source of water for the Blanco River as it runs through Wimberley.

Why libraries are important to me

I am just going to be frank, libraries are GREAT! All you need is a library card and then you can read these great stories from all different authors. The first time I went to the library, I was blown away. I had never seen so many books before. What was super exciting was when I read my first book and it was 70 pages long. That was a lot for six year old me.

What is the importance of libraries?

Libraries are important for many different reasons. They can help with education by learning bout history, science, the arts, and cultures. Books also allow us an escape from reality by taking us on adventures and exploring fantasy worlds. You can go there and get work done on the computers they have available for the community to use. If you don’t have the option of using wifi at home the libraries got you covered. Some libraries even have programs for you to use such as our local library here in Wimberley. The programs range from youth, teens, and even adults. Our library is a unique and valuable resource. If you need to study and don’t have a quiet place at your home just head on over to the library. It’s calm and no loud yelling or talking and gives you a place to focus on your studying. No only that but we cant go to our local library and believe it’s a safe and trusted place to work, read and explore. Who knows you might even meet a new friend while you’re at it! The computers there can also help with finding jobs, learning more about technology and the essential programs to help them up from poverty. Even just going to the library to just check it out maybe even have a little book club with a group of friends there. So there can be a ton of reasons a library is important but in this situation this is why it is important to me and my community.

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Letters to Editor winners for Rotary Loves Readers

The Rotary Club of Wimberley is happy to announce the winner and runner up of the first Danforth Rotary Loves Readers contest of the school year. This challenge asked students to write letters to the editor of the newspaper about the importance of our community library. The runner up was 6th grader, Branton Kirchner. Branton received $50. The winner of a crisp $100 bill was 6th grader, Marleigh Dubuisson. (Letters can be read on page 7). SUBMITTED PHOTO

Supporting Rasco, Grummert and LeBrun for Woodcreek

Social media currently has a lengthy discussion around Permits being required for common “renovation/repair” on existing structures. Candidate Jeff Rasco and others in Woodcreek have/are suffering through the property repair permitting process. Jeff’s previous City Council experience will prove beneficial to the future of Woodcreek and critical at this point in time and he has our vote.

Supporting Jones for WISD

I graduated from Wimberley, my oldest is a Wimberley grad and I have three more to go. We have come a long way from the one school town that I grew up in, since my family moved here 42 years ago. But my husband and I raised our kids here because of the wholesome family values and quality academics that Wimberley holds. Voting for school board candidates is as high of a priority as any other position on the ballot. The school board serves as an anchor for a community like ours. For many years WISD has been exemplary in academics, athletics and overall unity which has drawn many families and exceptional teachers to Wimberley. A vote for Lexi Jones would certainly continue in that tradition.

Supporting Millonzi for Hays County Constable Precinct 3

I am so pleased my friend Colonel (Ret) Cynthia Millonzi is running for Hays County Constable—Precinct 3! Let me tell you about her. Cynthia is a Veteran who served our country for 30 years in increasingly responsible positions, rising from Private to (full bird) Colonel. During her career, she led multiple commands in addition to filling significant staff positions in operations, logistics, and human resources. She led teams successfully in Iraq. And, in her role with the National Guard, she deployed teams of first responders to aid those adversely affected by Rita/Katrina, the Bastrop fires, and the Wimberley Memorial Day floods. Her Human Resources skills will be an asset in giving staff the support, development, and encouragement they need to perform optimally. Her previous management of multi-million-dollar military budgets equips her to take charge of the Constable’s budget, ensuring adequate funding and resources for the office. She brings a fresh perspective that will support collaboration with community members, local businesses, nonprofit organizations and the City Council in redefining the role of Constable to include the full range of law enforcement activities required by statute and needed to make our community a nice, safe place to live. I know her best from her charitable work in Wimberley. As President of Imagine Wimberley, she led the organization’s quick response to the COVID-19 crisis, providing volunteer support to those in need, PPE to health care workers, and recognition to first responders. She is a leader and a patriot who has committed her life to service. There is no one better qualified to serve as our Precinct 3 Constable. Please vote for Cynthia! You won’t regret it.


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