Matthew Dowd


How to lead

Matthew Dowd wrote “New Way” to provide leadership pathways.

In many ways, Wimberley is a divided community – as anyone involved in local politics can certainly profess – but that isn’t particularly unique these days. 

Matthew Dowd, a former political strategist for President George W. Bush who now lives in Wimberley, said that the country is living through a “disruptive moment,” and he hopes his new book on leadership, “New Way: Embracing The Paradox As We Lead and Serve,” can help be a guiding light.

“You can take it from healthcare to whether or not Tractor Supply should be able to build a store in Wimberley or the decision over sewage systems,” Dowd said. “People lock into these tribes, and it’s hard for them to come out and make decisions for the common good. Our democracy depends on it. It’s happening at every single level.”

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