Coach Smith


From football coach to deejay

Smiling Coach Dick Smith is behind the mic on his radio show ‘Over Easy’.

Former Wimberley High School Coach Dick Smith has found his vocal calling as the mid-morning host of ‘Over Easy with Coach’ on KWVH 94.1 Wimberley Valley Radio. As you might expect from a host used to calling out orders and “coachin’em up,” the listener will never hear a lack of conversation or down time on air. Smith has an infection enthusiasm, and it affects those around him. 

This big guy, both tall and hefty, is really a big teddy bear, though, and he is well loved in the community and at the high school, from which he retired after coaching football, basketball, and tennis. He deems it a great honor to be called coach.

“I was third in my graduating class but not in the top ten percent,” Smith said. He grew up in the tiny town of Santa Anna, located about 175 miles northwest of Wimberley. The town’s population was about a thousand, as it is today. 

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