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Helm cites ‘personal and political’ reasons as law enforcement commission investigations loom

Hays County Constable Precinct 3 Ray Helm resigned this week effective July 31 amidst “several investigations” from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement, according to Helm.

The Wimberley View has made a Freedom of Information Act request for the documents related to the investigations. TCOLE shared a letter of reprimand from an investigation culminating in January, 2020 but did not immediately confirm any ongoing investigations. Helm shared his view of the investigations. The Wimberley View will follow up with more information as it becomes available.

Helm, who heavily won the Republican Primary Election and would not have had a Democratic challenger, stated that the resignation is for both “personal and political reasons.”

“I am tired,” Helm said. “I am exhausted. I don’t think it is fair to keep going this pace. It is not fair to (the people of Wimberley). I can’t concentrate on this job. It is not good for my health, and it is dang sure not good for my kids anymore. At one time, this job was priority over everything, and it cost me. I have told my kids that there will be no job that dominates me or the relationship I have with them.”

According to Helm, those investigations are related to some of the training methods used. He said the investigations into those training methods have also led to allegations of tampering with governmental records.

“(Texas Commission on Law Enforcement has) come in and done several investigations in our office over training,” Helm said. “A lot of it is paper error. I didn’t know what the heck I was doing. It was a learning process… I made some clerical mistakes on this and TCOLE wants compliance.”

The previous reprimand from TCOLE was for improper training of deputies to use body cameras as well as improper documentation of the training. This included personnel files stating one deputy had received the training who had not. Helm also stated that the way he attempted to get the office compliant is what resulted in the tampering with governmental records allegation.

“I have made my mistakes in here,” Helm said. “I have felt that I have been a great constable for the people here. I am a very good people person. But as far as administration and paperwork and all that stuff, maybe I’m not the best at it. People are going to make mistakes, and I have made my share. It doesn’t change who I am, and what I have done for this community. I had their best interest at heart, but they really need someone who is an administrator to the office.”

TCOLE has the authority to suspend a Peace Officer’s license for multiple reprimands. The Wimberley View has not been able to clarify at this point what stage in the investigation and/or disciplinary stage the case is in.

Helm’s current term lasts through December 31. The Hays County Commissioners Court will have the option to appoint a replacement for the rest of that term or leave the Constable’s position open.

According to a county official, Helm’s resignation will come in time for his named to be pulled off of the ballot for the November General Election. The official said that, since the Primary Election has already passed, both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party would be allowed to nominate an individual to run for the position on the General Election ballot.

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