Protesters gather asking for ICE detainee's release

Dalton Sweat, Editor

Nataly Avendano, daughter of Victor and a student at Wimberley High School, protests on the Wimberley Square to have her father released from ICE detention. (Photo by Dalton Sweat/Wimberley View)



A group of protesters marched around the Wimberley Square on Friday afternoon asking for the immediate release of Victor Avendano-Ramirez from the Pearsall immigration detention center.

Avendano-Ramirez, who has lived in Wimberley for over a decade, was arrested by the Kyle Police Department and subsequently turned over to the Hays County Sheriff’s Office and then Immigration and Customs Enforcement.

Avendano-Ramirez was initially stopped for rolling a stop sign and subsequently taken to jail for two outstanding warrants – driving without a driver’s license and violating a promise to appear in court.

According to the Hays County Sheriff’s Department, “during the booking process, Avendano-Ramirez self-admitted that he was not a US citizen and was born in Mexico. Following sheriff’s office procedures, Immigration Custom Enforcement (ICE) was notified and they placed a detainer on Avendano-Ramirez.”

The Hays County Sheriff's Department said they would not comment further on the situtation.

The family is asking for support to advocate for Avendano-Ramirez’s release from ICE detention.

“We don’t understand how Hays County released Victor with time served — clearly demonstrating Victor is not a threat — and yet ICE continues to detain him and keep him from his family?” Karen Muñoz, co-founder of San Marcos-based Mano Amiga — whose group has helped lead campaigns that contributed to the release of two other Hays County men held by ICE this past year — said.

For the full story, see the February 15 issue of the Wimberley View.

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