FFA’s Wild Game Dinner is the ‘best deal in town’

Gary Zupancic, Staff Reporter

The FFA’s’ Alexa Jones and her project Cadberry the nanny.

Saturday nights in Texas are always special. Time to put your cares away and have some fun. Whether your pitching washers in the back yard, or on a date with a pretty girl, usually there is food involved, with hamburgers to steak often on the list.

But on October 14, Saturday night will be special. The Wimberley High School’s FFA is having a diner with a tasty twist. It’s the Sixth Annual Wild Game Dinner, and it is all for a worthy cause, namely the FFA.

The group is one of those things that makes Wimberley “country.” No matter what farm animal they are raising, it gives them responsibility, pride in ownership and just being around the animals puts a smile on their faces.

The fundraiser is the largest for the organization and helps fund most of the kids activities, such as attending and showing their livestock in front of judges. 

The funds will help pay for overnight hotels for participants, some of who would not be able to attend without funds. The animals are well kept back in their barn. Alexa Jones, a senior and FFA member at WHS raises two goats.

“The female is a nanny and the male is a Wether and is in the Market class. The nanny is in the Breed class. Cadberry is the name of the nanny. The male’s name is Jackpot….he’s got a seven on his face,” Alexa said, referring to the white hair on his face.

“The Wild Game Dinner, it’s different. It’s not your usual fundraiser. (It funds) the projects. Projects go to auction and then they’re sold. That’s great!” she said.

As for the type of meat to be savored: feral hog, pig, axis, rabbit, quail, deer, white tail, elk and other exotic game. There will also be venison chili and all the fixins. 

There will also be auctions, both silent and standard. 

“There’s so much stuff, it’s impossible to say,” Jason Giesen, Agricultural Science Instructor. “There’s a Wade Butler wildlife print, outdoor furniture and a lot of bucket raffles.

“There will also be games such as chicken poop bingo, darts with prizes being guns or other prizes,” Shane Barbee said, FFA Booster Club president. Last year they were able raise $40 thousand and hope they can do better this year.

“It’s the best deal in town,” Giesen said. “For twenty dollars you can eat and drink adult beverages and give to a great cause.” Middleton donated the beer.

Exotic food, beverages games, bucket prizes, and best of all helping kids, learn responsibility and pride in what they do.

The shindig starts at 6 p.m. with the auction at 8 p.m. Make this Saturday special. Wash the pickup, put on your best boots, take your best girl to the VFW Hall and have a very fun, special night.

Wimberley VFW – Jacob’s Well Rd.

Saturday October 14

6 to 10 p.m. 

Donation $20.

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