Keeping it clean

Leon Cordova has worked for Wimberley Independent School District for 21 Years
Gary Zupancic, Staff Reporter

Leon Cordova is one of the most loved employees at WISD.

Keeping the school and halls clean is a hard job. As kids tend to do,students spill things and generate the usual kid trash – which from time to time can be pretty nasty. WISD’s longtime employee Leon Cordova takes it all in stride. After all, he has been doing the job for 21 years.

Although born in Littlefield, Texas his family moved to Wimberley in 1972 when he was in first grade. He has lived here ever since. He is one of 12 kids of the Cordova family. The youngest one of the family, his brothers used to prop him up in the back of a pink Cadillac and ride around town.

“Wimberley is freedom to me. I could do anything, really. Hang out with kids, swimming; they’d let you go anywhere. It was a small town where everybody knew everybody,” Leon said about growing up here. 

“Now there are a lot of changes…the schools got bigger, kids are getting smarter. And smart in a good way. They’re good, polite kids at Jacobs Well Elementary (where he currently works). The students listen to you. The kids also come to me for advice. They’re very respectful and ask ‘can we do this?”

He really enjoys working at JWE. He has worked at one time or another at every school, including Bowen Elementary, where the HEB now stands. He remembers coming in to JWE for the first time.

“It was a good experience. I was amazed by how big it was built. It was real pretty. They did a good job,” he continued. “Everything was inside. At Bowen you had to go out in the cold and rain. You don’t have to move stuff over the grounds made of stones.”

In the recent past he had a few health problems and missed work, but now he is back on track. It is good to have someone around that knows the ropes. He is the lead janitor and “tells everyone what their job is.” 

“They’re young and still learning,” he said. “I just show them which way to go.” 

In his off time he takes care of his 85 year-old mother with whom he lives with. He gets out of work then takes her for a drive around town to The Square or Woodcreek. In taking care of her 24/7, he does “everything, housework, everything. Saturdays we go to garage sales. She gets mad if it rains and can’t go.”

“JWE is my second home. It’s like a big family here,” Leon said. And they feel the same way about him.

“I have worked with Leon for 10 years and he continues to amaze me.    He is a hard working dedicated man. WISD is very fortunate to have him in our family.  Jacob’s Well Elementary wouldn’t be the school it is without him,” Lori Shaffer said, JWE’s Administrative Assistant.

“Leon Cordova is such a blessing for our district.  He works hard with a smile every day.  He goes above and beyond to make sure we have what we need and we are so appreciative of him,” JWE’s Principal Andrea Gonzales said.

One thing that he likes as part of his job is the job security. But the best part of the job?

“Helping kids, the staff and teachers. They are real awesome here,” Leon said smiling. 

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